Coming to Africa for Gorilla Trekking Either Rwanda or Uganda for a Gorilla Safari? Have a simple visit to the Gorilla Conservation project called the Gorilla Doctors that is in all the three countries in Uganda Rwanda and Congo that are the Home to the mountain Gorillas in Africa.

Let the Reliable Gorilla Safari company or Rwanda Safari Companies that can plan for the visit of the Gorillas with the Gorilla Doctors to have great encounter experience in African Jungles. Experience the Gorillas with Gorilla Doctors in Bwindi or Volcanoes National Park

Gorilla Trekking Safaris to Africa can be Combined with the Simple Visit to the Mountain Gorillas with Gorilla Doctors, on this experience you will encounter the overview of the work of the Gorilla Doctors and their role in the conservation of the mountain Gorillas in Africa and the Virunga Massif and for this activity for the whole group you will be charged USD 500.

The Gorilla Doctors are dedicated to saving the Mountain and East Lowland (Grauer’s) Gorilla. With only 880 Mountain Gorillas left in the wild, the Gorilla Doctors work is vital to the health and well-being of every Gorilla to ensure the species survival. Their international veterinarian team provide hands-on medical care to sick and injured Gorillas living in the National Parks in the countries of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The Doctors intervene where necessary to help sick and injured Gorillas and are involved in the rescue and treatment of Gorillas that have been orphaned by poachers. We will head to the Gorilla Doctors facility whereby they will engage us in an orientation talk and presentation on gorilla conservation in general, health challenges that they face and how tourism can benefit conservation. Allow a couple of hours for this talk however it may be longer depending on engagement from clients during question time.

This Activity is available in Uganda and Rwanda while your on a Gorilla Trekking Experience in Africa. Enjoy Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda or Filming the Gorillas in Africa either in Uganda Film or Rwanda Film

The official Website for Gorilla Doctors is