In the Answer to the frequently asked Questions that independent travelers always ask where to do their shopping while on a Self Drive Adventure in Uganda? Car Hire in Uganda is popular concept in Ugandan Tourism now days as a result of the two Car Rental Companies that spear headed the Self Drive Car Rental Services in Uganda. Travelers now days like to enjoy the freedom of Private Guided Safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and Kenya, its one of the reason why all these Car Rental Companies allow their cars to cross Boarders to all East African Destinations.

NO longer content with just making it simple to find the best shopping Mall in Uganda for all the Safari Requirement let it be Camping Gears or Cooking , Food Staff and many more, In my research it has revealed that most of these Shopping Mall are owned by non Uganda but they are Multi National Supermarkets as am going to list below.

Gorilla Select has found out that this information of Supermarkets are necessary for travelers to explore the beauty of Uganda on Self Drive Vacation  and Camping to reduce the budget, enjoy the true African Culture of Home stay.

Wool worths (Uganda)

Wool worths Holdings Limited  is a Uganda chain of retail stores and one of the largest in the country, modeled on Marks & Spencer of the United Kingdom.This relationship with Britain’s Marks and Spencer was formed after the Second World War, which led to the retailer buying all of the unissued share capital of Woolworths in 1947. These shares were later sold, but close ties still remain.The first Woolworths store opened in The Old Royal Hotel in Cape Town in October 1931. It was founded by Max Sonnenberg assisted by his son Richard and Fred Kossuth. its started in South Africa but has Branches in Uganda and it was ranked as the best , it has the following Facilities like Parking, Security, and it allows payment by Credit Card. Go Shopping at Wool worth Uganda.

Awards In early 2012 the South African Advertising Standards Authority ruled that Woolworths’ vintage cold drink range was an imitation of Frankie’s Soft Drinks range. It was ruled that Woolworths intentionally copied the phrase “Good Old Fashioned Soft Drinks” to promote its own line of beverages thereby infringing on the rights of Frankie’s Soft Drinks. Woolworths agreed to remove the range immediately.[9] After the event Woolworths South Africa’s CEO Ian Moir publicly stated that “Public opinion is so much against us and, whether we’re right or whether we’re wrong, customer opinion is against us.”(

Nakumatt Shopping Mall

Nakumatt is a Kenyan supermarket chain and are open 44 Hours . “Nakumatt” is an abbreviation for Nakuru Mattress. and it has branches allover the east African Countries of Rwanda, Uganda and Kenya, Burundi, Tanzania, South Sudan. its owned by Kenyans. it has been in business since 2008 as its start date in Kenya and later started covering different countries   Rwanda. In June 2009, the first Nakumatt store in Uganda opened on Yusuf Lule Road on Kololo Hill, in central Kampala, the capital city. In November 2010, Nakumatt expanded its footprint in Kampala by acquiring Payless Supermarket, a Ugandan supermarket chain with two stores in the Kampala suburbs of Bugoloobi and Bukoto, bringing the number of stores in Uganda to three. it has Parking Space for Free,Security and allows Payment by Credit Card( All Visa Cards ).

its its core values,Win-Win: We will build mutually beneficial relationships with our colleagues, suppliers & customers.Respect: We treat others as we expect to be treated with dignity and respect,Innovation: We will constantly seek to identify & implement new ideas to enhance value.,Integrity and Ethics: We are honest, sincere, fair and transparent in all our activities and interactions.,Excellence: We will strive to be the best at what we do and deliver value beyond what is expected.,Walk the Talk: Our actions will speak louder than our words,Socially Conscious: We care for the well being of our employees, our environment, & our community.

Shoprite Kampala

Shoprite Kampala Uganda is the leading retailer across Africa and is the brand of choice for many consumers across the African continent. Shoprite’s large following of loyal customers can be attributed to our ability to offer the widest range of products and the highest standards of freshness and quality whilst maintaining the lowest prices. they are accept Payment with Visa Cards and they provide free Parking

online supermarket Uganda is an online shopping web portal, It’s primarily an online shopping and delivery service aimed at web and mobile internet users and people living outside Uganda seeking to send support to their loved ones in Uganda.

Game Stores

Game is a promotionally driven discount retailer of predominantly general merchandise and non-perishable groceries for home, leisure and business use. Some Game Stores also stock a select range of fresh food, including fruit and vegetables, pre-packed meats and pre-baked goods.Game is a subsidiary of the South African JSE listed company, Massmart Holdings. Massmart is Africa’s third largest distributor of consumer goods, the leading retailer of general merchandise, liquor and home improvement equipment and supplies, and the leading wholesaler of basic foods.
We Offer Peace of Mind, At Game, our customers ALWAYS WIN because of our three guarantees:

We beat any price!,We will not be undersold! – If you’ve purchased any item from Game and, within 21 days, find the identical product at a competitor for less, tell us and we will refund MORE than the difference. Payment can be done with Visa Card and free Parking Space.

Tuskys Shopping Centre.

Tuskys is a Kenyan supermarket chain and has been in Ugandan Business stores.Tuskys is a wholly Kenyan, privately held company owned by seven children of Joram Kamau, the founder of the business who died in 2002. This Super Market has the following Branches,    Bugoloobi Branch – Spring Road, Bugoloobi, Bwaise Branch – Kampala-Gulu Highway, Bwaise, Kitintale Branch – Portbell Road, Kitintale, Luzira, Makerere Branch – Makerere Hill Road, Makerere, Naakulabye Branch – Hoima Road, Naakulabye,  Ntinda Branch – Bukoto-Ntinda Road, Ntinda, Seeta Branch – Kampala-Jinja Road, Seeta, Mukono, All these Branches have free Parking and Security for the Cars.


This List of Supermarkets and shopping malls in  Uganda has been compiled by Self Drive Uganda the leading Car Rental Agency in Uganda. Uganda Self Drive is offering the best & discounted Car Rental Deals for Long Rentals, its covering the Whole region of East Africa, Take a Self drive to explore the Beauty of the Pearl of Africa , adventure on your own as an Independent Travelers.


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In the Answer to the frequently asked Questions that independent travelers always ask where to do their shopping while on a Self Drive Adventure in Uganda? Car Hire in Uganda is popular concept in Ugandan Tourism now days as a result of the two Car Rental Companies that spear...