Before the Securing of the Gorilla Trekking Permit a Travel has to first select the Best time to Visit Mountain Gorillas in Any of the countries that decided to be the Visit for Gorilla Trekking.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda and Uganda plus Congo is possible throughout the year due to the favorable weather and the rain is expected at any time while on the Gorilla Trekking Experience in Africa.

However, most people prefer to Undertake Gorilla safaris in Rwanda and Uganda between the months of June and September and between December and February and they are ranked as the peak Season in the Gorilla Tourism. While Trekking the Mountain Gorillas in Uganda during low seasons it attracts Lower price as we shall explain in the procedure for securing the Gorilla Permit.

How to Secure Gorilla Permit for Rwanda Gorilla Safari.

Rwanda Gorilla permits Gorilla Permits in Rwanda are sold by Rwanda Development Broad that is licensed to issue the Gorilla pass to travelers that wish to hike the mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park for their Summer Holiday. In Rwanda they mention that they only sell Gorilla Permits to Rwanda Safari Companies /Gorilla Trekking Companies that are registered in Rwanda. However they can sell to individuals but it may give you hard time as they to communicate with the Broad compared when got through a Tour Operator; Find it cool on Gorilla Safari in Rwanda.

The Gorilla Permit in Rwanda Costs USD 750 and the Company will require you to make a deposit of the Gorilla Permit fee on their Account and even send the passport details as they have to reflect on the Gorilla Permit print out that the company will send you the photocopy. However Gorilla Safari companies may charge you Extra USD 20 Dollars for the bank charges take it ease and cool as the Total will be USD 770 for the Gorilla Permit and each permit is allowed to trek the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park Once as issued. Always Request the Top operator that you have used to secure the Gorilla Permit to send you the scanned Copy for proof that they secure the permit as per the requirement.

Gorilla Permit Reschedule

In Rwanda to change the Gorilla Permit trekking Dates is possible once the Gorilla Permit is a head and they Rwanda Development Broad will charge you USD 150 for the Alternations to be made in the Gorilla permit of any Traveller Just take it ease once the Tour Operator tells that.

How to Secure a Gorilla Permit in Uganda.

Uganda Gorilla PermitGorilla Permits in Uganda for Gorilla Trekking in Either Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park for Gorilla Safari. Uganda Wildlife Authority is the body entrusted for selling gorilla permits and an individual can secure gorilla permit directly through the Body however it may need you to have more efforts and tiresome mailing and calling of the body reservations to secure the Gorilla permit.

Another style is to secure the Gorilla permit is through a safari company that will take all the responsibility to secure the Gorilla permit from Uganda Wildlife Authority and always request the scanned copy of the Gorilla permit.

The Gorilla Permit in Uganda Costs USD 600 during peak months and USD 350 during low Seasons and the Months of low season for discounted permits are April, May, and November only

Gorilla Permit Reschedule

In Uganda to rescheduling the Gorilla Permit is ease as at the Moment the Uganda Wildlife Authority doesn’t charge any fee but very soon they are to introduce a certain amount of fees to be levied for Permit Rescheduling. Don’t miss to trek the Mountain Gorillas while on a Gorilla Safari in Africa.

How to Secure a Gorilla Permit in Congo.

Gorilla Permits in Congo for Gorilla Trekking in Virunga National Park for Gorilla Safari. Virunga national park is the only biggest Gorilla National park for Gorilla Trekking while in Africa on a Either a Congo Safari.

Visit Virunga is the organization & Body that is responsible for the Issuing of the Gorilla Permits to tourists that wish to visit Congo for Safari.

Gorilla Permits can also secured via the Gorilla Safari Company and just note that the company may charge you the 20 USD for the Bank charge. We recommend that Congo gorilla permits are secure to be booked via Gorilla Safari Company compared to Visit Virunga.

IN Congo the Gorilla permit Costs USD 400 and the price is standard.

Gorilla Permit Reschedule

We haven’t got any information about Gorilla permit rescheduling for Virunga National Park.

How to Secure Lowland Gorillas Congo

In Congo, Eastern Lowland Gorillas are found in Kahuzi Biega National Park and its located for Eastern Part of Congo. Gorilla Permits in Congo can be secured via Congo Safari companies and the Gorilla permit costs USD 400.

Be Keen with the Gorilla Safari in Kahuzi Biega National park, Just before the entrance to the park is the Tshivanga Visitor Centre where Briefing is done for registration about Gorilla Trekking Experience.

Recommended Gorilla Safaris in Different Countries

For Rwanda Gorilla Safaris? Going for Gorilla Trekking in Volcanoes National Park! we Recommend Gorilla Safaris from 1 Day Gorilla Safari Rwanda, 2 Days Gorilla Trek Rwanda and 3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Tour as Short Rwanda Safaris and for mega Rwanda Safaris? there comes the best 7 Days Rwanda Primate Safari,9 Days Rwanda Gorilla Adventure and to have any of the Gorilla Package arranged find any of the company among our recommended Safari companies and book the Gorilla Experience and don’t miss to visit the Gorilla Doctors.

For Uganda Gorilla Safaris? Enjoy Mountain Gorilla Trekking  in Either Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park while on the shortest 3 Days Gorilla Trek Uganda , and other Mega Safaris in Uganda can be joined with various Wildlife View and Watch Like a simple visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park,Lake Mburo National Park and Kibale Chimps National park.

For Congo Gorilla Safaris? Visiting Congo for Mountain Gorilla Trekking, Virunga National Park is the only National Park for Gorilla Trekking and the Available Safari packages range from 1 Day Virunga Gorilla Tour,2 Day Congo Gorilla Safari,3 Days Gorilla Trek Congo and 4 Days Gorilla Trekking Congo then for Eastern Lowland Gorillas the shortest is 6 Days Gorilla Trek Congo and Kahuzi Biega National Park is the only destination for Eastern Lowland Gorilla Trekking in Congo.

Please Note that these Tour Operators reliable and recommended by Gorilla Select can help you to add a Uganda Gorilla Safari with A Rwanda Safari and Congo Safari as they can offer you a combined Gorilla Trekking Experience in all the Gorilla Trekking Destinations.