Are you planning to Film Gorilla in Uganda?
Although  Gorilla Trekkers can easily record gorilla videos while on Uganda Gorilla Safaris  using their camera its accepted by Uganda wildlife authority for memories but making an extra effort to Undertake filming Safari to watch the Mountain gorillas in Bwindi or Mgahinga National parks all in south western Uganda,take a video shooting in Africa.

Film Gorillas in BwindiAccording to the research in the Uganda Wildlife Traffs, it has showed that this is a Trusted body that is governmental and is governed by the Uganda Wildlife Act 2000 headed by the Board of trust and is the body that was established in 1996 in order to manage and conserve the mountain gorillas in Uganda and Wildlife in all Ugandan National Park

Gorilla Select is a travel guide and it brings to you the Filming Procedure while going for any Filming Safari in Uganda Even Wildlife Safari.

Going for Gorilla Filming Safari will require you to coordinate with the two different Government Bodies that is National Forest Authority ( Entrusted with the management  & Conservation of Uganda Natural Forest) and Uganda Wildlife Authority that is entrusted with the Conservation of the Mountain Gorillas and they issue the Gorilla Permit even the Filming Pass.

According to the Uganda Wildlife Publications they have offered the following information about Filming the Gorillas in the Jungle or the Mist.

Please Note: The booking process and rates may change without notice as Uganda Wildlife Authority reserves all the Rights about Mountain Gorilla Price fees.

We categories the filming into the following sections

  1. Commercial filming, its done by gorilla lovers and its always 1 to 5 Paxs( crew) and the Uganda wildlife authority will charge USD 600 per day and duration as per the guidelines. More than 5 Paxs ( crew) each person will pay the extra of USD 150 per person and per day .
  2. Marketing Filming the Gorillas in Bwindi or Mgahinga National Park, Uganda wildlife authority will charge you USD 4000 Per Day Excluding the Gorilla permits

Gorilla Filming in Uganda will require you to purchase the Gorilla Permit fee at top of the payment of the USD 4000 for Filming the Mountain Gorillas in the Wild.

Gorilla filming in Uganda will require you to pay the 5% monitoring fee of the total filming cost is charged by Uganda wildlife authority.

Refund: After the Gorilla Filming activity is done and a copy of the CD is given to Uganda Wildlife Authority, Refundable Fee of USD 1000 is paid back to you from the amount you paid for the Activity.

Wishing to go for Filming safari in Uganda? find the reliable & trusted Safari companies that can help you to put this safari holiday together and undertake a filming Adventure in Bwindi Forests National Park the home to half of the world’s mountain gorillas. The shortest Number of Days for the Gorilla filming Safari can be 3 Days Gorilla trek Uganda like the Rwanda Side in Volcanoes National park.